Henry VIII Did Not Have Six Wives


Henry may have had six wedding ceremonies but four of the marriages were annulled (legally considered never to have taken place).  So, Henry only had two wives.

Sometimes subjects are simplified so that children can understand them better.

When those children become adults, they still believe what they were taught as children.

Never stop learning. 

Question what you are/were taught. 

Think for yourself.

Make discoveries. 

Learning is exciting and fascinating!


By The Robot


8 Responses to “Henry VIII Did Not Have Six Wives”

  1. Midget Says:

    Henry the VIII did have 6 wives because he had 6 weddings.

  2. The Robot Says:

    Incorrect. When a marriage is annulled the wedding is legally considered never to have happened, thus, having annulled four of his marriages, he only had two wives.

  3. Midget Says:

    But it did happen.

  4. The Robot Says:

    Did it?
    ‘Annulment is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage null and void. Unlike divorce, it is retroactive: an annulled marriage is considered never to have existed.

    In strict legal terminology, annulment refers only to making a voidable marriage null; if the marriage is void ab initio, then it is automatically null, although a legal declaration of nullity is required to establish this. The process of obtaining such a declaration is similar to the annulment process.’ Wikipedia

    So, sorry. Only two of those marriages existed. He only had two wives.

    You see, it is complicated. This, perhaps, is why children are taught that he had six wives… it’s just easier to explain.
    I think it better not to explain at all, rather than present the wrong information as fact.

  5. Midget Says:

    He did have 6 wives because between the marriage and the annullment he had a wife. He may have only got 2 wives now but he had 6 wives.

  6. The Robot Says:

    This is fun!
    I disagree. Let’s see then.
    He had a wife for a period then he had that marriage annulled. That marriage then never took place.

    He was never married to six women simultaneously. As far as I know, each marriage (four out of six) was annulled before another marriage commenced.

    I understand the confusion. ‘But we know that he was married to those women! He had a wedding and everything!’

    The law of annulment is a strange thing. It states that what everyone thought was a real, legal marriage actually was not and, because it was not, it never had been.

    Here is a comparison which might (or might not) help.
    Billy ran in six races. He won them all.
    After each race the referee did some checking. In four of the races he had cheated. In fact he had entered races in which he wasn’t even allowed to compete; Billy was in year 6 and four of the races were for year 3 children only!
    The referee disqualified him from those four races – and because he shouldn’t even have entered them, the referee considered that he had not. A year six child can not run in a year 3 race.

    Therefore Billy only ran in two races and he won them.

    Or how about this?
    Nutty Joe was a fruit cake. He put on a chocolate cake costume and made everyone think he was a chocolate cake for years and years. If you asked anyone, they would say that Nutty Joe was a chocolate cake.
    One day, Nutty Joe took off his chocolate cake costume and everyone could see he was really a fruit cake. If you asked anyone, they would say that Nutty Joe was a fruit cake. If you checked to see if he had ever been a chocolate cake, everyone would say, ‘No. He never was a chocolate cake. He is a fruit cake and always has been.’

    I think that that should make it as clear as a Mississippi mud pie!

    You see, just because everyone thought Henry was married, didn’t actually mean that he was. The annulled marriages were illegal so he wasn’t legally married. If he wasn’t legally married to those four women then that means he was only legally married to two women (though not at the same time). Henry VIII only had two wives.

  7. lyds Says:

    You two are always arguing. I don’t know, Zoe, I think you should listen to your teacher.

  8. Baby Smith Says:

    My mum still thinks that he had six wives, even after I told her!

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